New EP out, tapes soon available!

The 2 songs we recorded last November are finally out, you can download the ep for free  on our bandcamp . If you want to support us you can also preorder one of the fantastic handmade tapes for just 3€, they’ll be ready in about a month.

The song “Roots In The Air” is also on the Tokyo Jupiter Compilation II, a limited 500 copies edition in a DVD case. We finally got our copies from Japan and you can contact us if you want one, or you can buy it at our gigs.




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Sonorizzazione/Scoring live for “The River”

On the 5th of March we’ll be in Treviso playing a live soundtrack with a quartet. It will be a great experiment and we’re so happy to be invited by Cineforum Labirinto and Comune di Treviso.

Here’s the press release in italian:

Cineforum Labirinto presenta

SABATO 5 MARZO 2011, ore 21:00


presso AUDITORIUM STEFANINI, viale Terza Armata 35

Ingresso Libero

Sabato 5 marzo, presso l’Auditorium delle Scuole Medie Stefanini, l’associazione Cineforum Labirinto presenta la proiezione del film muto “The river” di Frank Borzage con accompagnamento musicale dal vivo.

L’iniziativa, sostenuta dal Comune di Treviso, rappresenta un esperimento molto particolare fra cinema e musica, nel quale sono stati coinvolti talentuosi giovani musicisti della nostra città, un giovane gruppo post-rock di Rimini e Filippo Perocco, direttore e compositore dell’Ensemble L’Arsenale.

La musica, composta ad hoc per la serata, accompagnerà la proiezione di “The river”, il mitico ed  incompleto film diretto da Frank Borzage nel 1928. Il protagonista dell’opera è Allen John Pender (James Farrell) che, in viaggio verso il mare, viene bloccato dai lavori di costruzione di una diga su un fiume disperso nelle montagne rocciose. Qui incontra Rosalee (Mary Duncan) che lo trascina con sé nel vortice del desiderio, della passione e del suo passato turbolento. Raro e magico esempio del cinema muto più sensuale e simbolico di Borzage.
La musica, composta da Riccardo Buck, verrà eseguita dal vivo da due formazioni: una “classica” (flauto, clarinetto, viola e pianoforte) e una post-rock, dirette da Filippo Perocco. L’intento è quello di intervenire in modo poetico e artistico su un materiale cinematografico eroso dal tempo e in parte spersonalizzato.

L’ingresso alla proiezione è libero e gratuito con possibilità di offerta libera.

Per informazioni sul film, i musicisti e l’ideazione del nuovo progetto del Cineforum Labirinto visitate il nostro blog:

Non mancate!!


“THE RIVER” di Frank Borzage (1928, 50′)

composizione musicale: Riccardo Buck

suoneranno: Jacopo Cacco (piano), Anna Buck (flauto), Giovanni Simeoni (viola), Roberta Cristini (clarinetto) + Up There The Clouds

direzione musicale: Filippo Perocco

iniziativa organizzata da Cineforum Labirinto

con il sostegno del Comune di Treviso

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New Shows Added and Tokyo Jupiter Records Preview

We’re gonna play in Bologna on the 28th of January with Amia Venera Landscape, if you’re in town please come because they’re very good performers!

More news soon for a special show in Treviso togheter with some classical ensemble..

And in April we will share the stage with our lovely friends At The Soundawn in Modena; they play more shows outside Italy than in their hometown so we suggest you to be there because they’re huge. More, Modena is the hometown of a secret italian dish you’ve never heard of, called GNOCCO FRITTO; i’ll had the totally anti-vegan recipe as a preview for the show, stay tuned.

Last but noy least… a preview for the forthcoming compilation!


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Tokyo Jupiter Compilation

We’re really happy to be on this compilation with these great bands!

The Black Heart Rebellion (Belgium)
The Caution Children (US)
Erfara (Singapore)
Gottesmorder (Italy)
Keep Your Opinions To Yourself (US)
MilanKu (Canada)
Nonrem (Japan)
Orfèvre (France)
Seila Chiara (France)
Syndrome (Belgium)
TotorRo (France)
Trachimbrod (Sweden)Up There: The Clouds (Italy)
Via Fondo (Sweden)

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Next Release!

Out in February! More updates soon!

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Snow and Song Player

A gently snow is now falling on our page. The site is almost complete since we added a songplayer based on soundcloud: just click on the music tab to stream our EP (if you’re too lazy to download it…)


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Recording Sessions / Vegan Punkcakes

As promised, we got news about two new track we recorded! We had the great pleasure to work again with Paso and Studio 73. One of these will probably be published on a forthcoming compilation that will be released in Japan.

In the meanwhile we’ve played a good show with Rue de Van Gogh, check them out!

We know our faces are not so interesting so we’ll add this fantastic recipe for great Vegan Punkcakes; we filled them with DIY blackberry/blueberry jam and banana slices but anyone can choose his favourite topping. The rules are simple: mix all the ingredients in a bowl until the mixture is as liquid as it won’t cover all your frying pan because you’ll make each punkcake putting a spoonful of the mixture over the light-heated pan, turning round them 2 or 3 times.

Ingredients per Person (about 5 punkcakes):

Flour – 90 gr
Soya Milk – About one cup
Leaven – 1/3 sachet
Sugar – 2 spoons
Maple Sugar


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